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EduCav Consultants is one of the best and leading Student Visa Consultancy Firm that offers comprehensive educational services to students who desire and intend to study in internationally well-reputed institutions like the University of Liverpool, the University of Essex & Kaplan University. Our main objective is to ensure that our students and clients are given the best opportunity to lay a solid foundation for their future careers.
EduCav Consultants’ core activities lie in assisting students in making the right choice regarding pursuing education in overseas educational institutions and providing students with all the prerequisites for this, including IELTS/TOEFL training courses.


Apart from this, EduCav Education Consultants is also providing services to clients looking to emigrate to Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, and the USA. At EduCav, we understand that people come from different educational backgrounds and may have different needs and concerns. Our dedicated mentors, teachers, and counselors are always at hand to ensure that we give our students and clients the best possible training, advice, and guidance throughout their touch at EduCav. At EduCav, our aim is to provide the highest standard of academic instruction and immigration advice at the most affordable fees. Although we are growing in size, we still retain a personal service to our clients.  
Over the years, we are succeeding & we look forward to more successes in the coming years. We, therefore, invite you to join us so that you may share in our wonderful experience. At EduCav, you can be assured that our training and advice will be of the highest standard and delivered in a friendly atmosphere. Given EduCav Consultants’ robust ethical approach to business, it has already built an excellent profile and credibility within the education and immigration industry. However, if you need any clarifications on any issue or if you require any more information, please call personally or telephone/e-mail our friendly staff who will assist you.

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Just as the great Frederick Douglass believed that education was the key to freedom, we at EduCav educational consulting services value the importance of education and seek to bring its power to people residing in all parts of the planet. That is why EduCav Group strives to be the best international student recruitment center in London, to spread knowledge and bring educational opportunities to members of every part of the world.

By focusing on our core strengths, EduCav Group believes we retain uniqueness when compared with other companies. Each team member has substantial, practical experience in their field, and, between us, our range of expertise is as broad as it is profound. EduCav makes sure that clients we work with receive a personal, tailored service, and EduCav Group never takes on more assignments than we can handle – every client we work with gets the full attention they deserve.

EduCav offers comprehensive and unique tailor-made services through our commitment to continually deliver the highest standards of service. Our extensive knowledge and expertise have helped us steadily grow into the leading position we are today by continually widening the services we offer. EduCav, therefore, invite you to join us so that you may share in our wonderful experience. If you do not find the information you are looking for on this website, contact EduCav, we will listen to you and your wishes and give you a realistic estimate on everything.


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EduCav clients praise us for our great results with CAS letters, personable service, expert knowledge with international student placements, and on-time delivery with CVs. Here are what just a few of them had to say about EduCav Group:

It was a wonderful experience from EduCav; they helped me a lot for my study program at the University of Liverpool. EduCav gave me the right counseling, selected a great university, and on my visa process
Nadia Simare
I had an outstanding experience! I got my visa without much effort from my side. EduCav took care of it all. Amicable staff who are very much accessible and who were spontaneous in responding to my queries.
Elham Hassina
Graduate student
I'm writing this review by sitting in front of Wivenhoe Park, Colchester. I had a great experience with EduCav. I am studying MBA at the University of Essex, which happened because of EduCav.
Tania Behdar
MBA Student
I would give a 5-star rating to EduCav and encourage all my friends and those who are reading this review to approach EduCav if you have a plan to study aboard. I am grateful at the service they offer and I highly recommend them.
Tapos Barua
MSc student
I have taken their services since my foundation year in the USA at the Kaplan. And now, once again, I have taken their services for my Ph.D. at the same university. They have provided much support on every step of my process and handled my application very efficiently so highly...
Fatima Jerin Khan
I had an outstanding experience with EduCav. I got my university offer letter in 3 days and my vise in 15 days. I was adequately guided & the entire process was hassle-free. My sincere gratitude to the whole of the EduCav team for making my dream come true.
Tiam Li Sen
Diploma graduate

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A happy student Case study

Don’t know about other Education Consultancy, but to me, EduCav is so far the best one in Cairo. And I can say this because I have been to other consultancies (roughly 9). I found EduCav very straight forward and reliable. They won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. If there is any problem with your documents or other files, they will briefly explain it to you and provide you with possible solutions.

I have applied for the University of Liverpool through them & it’s been a month since I am in Liverpool, England in my new apartment rented by EduCav experts. If you’re looking for a responsible, trustworthy, and reliable; I am not going to say “look nowhere else and go straight to EduCav. Rather the wise thing to do would be to see other agencies and judges see yourself. But if you judge properly; I am certain you will come back to EduCav Group.

Adam Nader

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