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Living and Studying in the UK

The UK is an attractive study destination for overseas students for its plethora of reputable institutions and universities. Facts reveal that over 400,000 international students enter the UK every year. If you, too, consider studying in the UK, you might be attracted by the excellent accommodation and education facilities here. World-class teaching is a hallmark of education in the UK. Upon completion of graduation in the UK, you are ready for the global workplace.

Living and Studying in Canada

An international student in Canada can benefit immensely from higher studies here. A safe, respectful, interactive, and all-inclusive study environment is all that you dream of in a foreign country. Canada is a great place to thrive as an overseas student, with more than 500,000 international students traveling to the country for college and university studies.

Living and Studying in USA

If it’s your dream to study in the USA, you will come across a range of study opportunities here. Being the most popular destination for international students, the USA boasts a range of universities and educational institutions. Overseas students looking for exciting educational opportunities find USA as a den for higher studies.

Egypt: Economy and Education

Despite years of political turmoil and instability, the Egyptian economy is on the rise. Not only this, it has become a booming education hub for international students in the MENA region.

Studying in Cairo

Egypt’s capital offers international students plenty of opportunities to study in Cairo. The largest city in the Middle-East is home to several well-respected universities. Besides, low cost of living is another reason to choose Cairo as a study destination in Egypt.


There are plenty of opportunities for international students when it comes to joining an eLearning course. Call it online learning or Internet learning, eLearning utilizes electronic technology to access educational curriculum without the need to attend a traditional classroom in university. The course is delivered completely online.

Post Graduate Education and Benefits

Are you wondering whether postgraduate education is the right choice for you? Well, postgraduation is a degree to gain additional skills and knowledge that prepare you for an amazing career. There are many reasons why you should opt for a postgraduate course.