May-Era Student Visa Rules Reversed

As per new proposals announced recently, overseas students can stay in the UK for two years after the completion of their graduation degree to find a job. Previously, international students were required to leave the country within four months after degree.
The recent change is meant for international students studying in an institution in the UK to unlock their potential. Under the new rules, there will be no restriction on the type and number of jobs students can apply for.

Egypt-UK Workshop on Education

UK and Egypt organized a skill-building workshop for students in Cairo. Students will benefit from higher education and better skills needed to outsmart others on the job market. This is also a way to give university teachers the recognition they deserve.
Students will get constructive feedback all through their study time in the university and leave with higher skills.


London: Egypt Team Shares Education Reform Vision

Commending the steps taken by Egypt in the field of education, Sir Geoffrey Adams, the British Ambassador to Egypt, said that the Education World Forum participants were committed to strengthening the partnership with Egypt. The Forum believes in mutual growth and is happy to offer support for Egypt to take steps toward



US-Egypt Trade Relations on a High

The US continues to be the leading foreign trade and investment partner of Egypt since both countries signed the Camp David Accords in the late 1970s. Egypt is the largest recipients of financial assistance from the US.

Overseas Students Contribute £20bn to the UK Economy

International students are an economic asset to the British economy. A new report stresses the contribution of overseas students to “almost every part” of the UK economy.

World Bank Signs US$500 Million Project With Egypt To Promote Education in Public Schools

Egypt and the World Bank sign US$500 million agreement to improve access to quality education and enhance learning under the Education Reform project.

Canada-Egypt To Conclude a Convention to Avoid Double Taxation

Canada and Egypt are interested to take steps to avoid double taxation and prevent fiscal tax evasion. The convention covers residents of both contracting parties.