Meet The Team

EduCav Group boasts a highly competent team of advisors and consultants and we pride ourselves on being recognized as the leading educational consultancy and international students recruitment service in London. Our main objective is to make a difference by spreading education to those who may not have the ample opportunity afforded to those in the west. We have excellent knowledge in the education sector and are perfectly capable of generating amazing opportunities for international students to study in Egypt and elsewhere.

Chams Sabry

With 30 years of banking experience working with 100s of employees as a team, Mr Sabry is the cofounder and CFO of the EduCav Group. He has a degree in commerce and majored in accounting in 1990 at the facility of commerce Ein Shames University, Egypt.
He has hands-on work experience in accounting, AML, management, and banking services. Mr Sabry has earned a good reputation working with the biggest financial institutes, both government and private, closing deals and managing projects efficiently.

Richard Hubben
MENA Marketing Coordinator

With a degree in Mass Communication, Richerd Hubben is the Middle East marketing coordinator at our educational consultancy. Richard has loads of experience in marketing, editing, campaign management and SEO.
Richard has earned the distinction of working in different projects with universities as a top project manager.

Our hard-working and highly competent team brings years of experience and plenty of knowledge to our projects on recruitment and international students placement.