Post Landing Services and for International Students

Moving overseas involves a great deal of preparation. It might seem intimidating to international students planning to launch a new academic career overseas. Luckily, with post-landing services and career guidance available at EduCav, you no longer need to worry about relocation logistics overseas. Education Academy of Academic Validation (EduCav) can facilitate the task of relocation for you so that you get a new start in a foreign country conveniently.

Post-Landing Assistance

Airport Pickup

EduCav understand that the beginning stages of transitioning into a new country are the most tiresome and daunting. But with EduCav, you can rest easy that you will get access to airport pickup services as soon as your flight lands. We will make sure you reach your destination free of confusion and full of comfort.

Public transport

Get access to free public transport for one week with EduCav. This makes it easier for you to get accustomed to transportation and used to traveling in your new home.


We will make arrangements for your stay in a temporary accommodation after landing. In the meantime, you can explore more liveable options for a permanent stay. You can depend on EduCav to find the perfect location with comfortable living quarters for your permanent stay.

Miscellaneous services

Get EduCav support for:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Settling down overseas
  • Searching job
  • Placement overseas
  • Admission in a foreign university and accommodation
  • Medical & school facilities

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