EduCav is an educational consultancy firm based in the diverse city of London. Our mission focuses on recruiting international students from the Middle East and we offer an array of educational services for students looking to study overseas. EduCav respects the incalculable value of education, and it is our goal to spread knowledge and prosperity to prospective students from all over Middle East.

Educational Consultancy

As the best educational consultancy firm in London, EduCav Group prides itself on offering a wide variety of exceptional international recruitment services.

Services EduCav Provides

Recruitment services

EduCav Group goes beyond providing educational consulting to international students. EduCav’s database is also replete with a portfolio of talented candidates who are a perfect match for international employers. At EduCav Group we take pride in our exceptional recruitment services for companies, universities and employers in Egypt and elswhere. Our mission is to connect talent with the best job providers so it is a win-win for all.

Students work experience at EduCav

Another advantage of connecting with EduCav is our internship program, for Egyptian and foreign students. All our students get to work in our offices and gain a real-life work experience. This type of experience will benefit you when pursuing your carrier after graduation.
Our internship schemes are an opportunity for all students to gain hands-on work experience in our offices. It is part of the summer training and immensely beneficial to students to get a real-life business work experience This puts them at an advantage when pursing their carrier after graduation studies.

CV and cover letter writing service

At EduCav, our students placement team boasts highly skilled and motivated CV writing professionals who can do the job for fresh graduates and professionals.

Assignment Writing Service

If you seek the best assignment writing assistance, trust the experts at EduCav. With us, it’s time to say good-bye to your writing dilemma. Let us help you with affordable assignment writing service that will save you both time and effort.

Career Guidance for International Students

EduCav Group provide assistance to international students on career guidance as we take it as our responsibility and duty to help students in achieving their goal and make a successful living out of it .

Post Landing Services for International Students

When you decide to go overseas for study as an international student or work as a professional, you are bound to worry as to where you are going to stay and how you would reach your new accommodation.
But with EduCav’s post-landing services, life is easier.

Opportunities for Students

Immense educational opportunities for international students

There are immense educational opportunities for international students in Egypt with world-class educational institutions. The range of interesting subjects varies from politics to Arabic and history. EduCav understand that you are different from other students, and so we cater to the unique interests and educational level of every individual

Best academic institute for you

Leveraging our experience in the education sector, we will find the best academic institute for you to facilitate your transition to higher education. Apart from academic achievement, you will gain valuable intercultural experience and skills that will become a life-long asset.

Guiding students through all stages of the application process

We guide students through all stages of the application process. The idea is to help you adapt to a new country and find the best university suited for you. We understand it can be challenging to find the right educational centre in a foreign country, but with our hard-working consultants, it will be a smooth and enjoyable ride for you.

Our recruitment cell works as the best student placement services

Alternatively, our recruitment cell works as the best student placement services for non-Egyptian students to obtain jobs overseas or in Egypt during studies. We will help you find the best jobs available that do full justice to your qualification. With us, you can expect to find the best job that matches your skills and education.