Some of the top-rated universities are in Egypt. The land of pyramids is a major attraction for international students for its world-class infrastructure and higher educational institutions. Students keen to explore the Egyptian culture influenced by the Mediterranean, Arab and African cultures.
Quality of education and affordability sets most Egyptian universities apart from some of the leading educational institutions in the world. For many international students, Egypt is an affordable study destination and a chance to explore a different culture. Apart from this, study in Egypt is an opportunity to explore some of the most renowned historic sites and experience cruises on the Nile while feeling like being a part of the rich culture.

High Quality Education

For international students keen to study in Egypt, EduCav Group can open up avenues for studies. Our educational consultancy based in London has earned the reputation of being a leading consulting services provider for international students.
We are happy to be part of your career growth strategy when you choose to study in an Egypt university. There is an American university in Cairo, with English as the primary language. A number of international universities have opened up campuses in Egypt, and one is the British University.


Students Requirements

International students must obtain a student visa for studying in Egypt. Other requirements include ID photo, a valid passport, certificate of acceptance from an Egypt university and finance proof. You can depend on the EduCav Group to facilitate the task for you as the leading educational consultancy.

parents of students can visit

What’s more, we can help arrange accommodation for foreign students studying in Egypt. Not only this, parents of students can avail tailored packages for a visit and stay in Egypt. We can help you with flight and hotel assistance.

Other Benefits


While studying in Egypt is an opportunity of a lifetime for international students, we can help you with student placement services. EduCav provides internship benefits for students, who get hands-on training at out office. This work experience and knowledge gained during the internship and summer training programs prove to be a lifetime skill for students. This gives you an edge over other students, who seek jobs based only on their qualifications and lack any such work experience.
Besides, if you plan to study abroad, you can enroll with EduCav for TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and ILETS assistance.