Did you know nearly 270,000 students enter the UK every year for higher education? What is so special about the UK that makes it an education destination? World-class teaching, excellent living facilities, and top university education, leaving you ready to work for the global workplace. If you are keen to study in the UK, you can join our educational consultancy, which works as an international students recruitment agency that targets the Middle East. Located in London, Education Centre of Academic Validation (EduCav) is a name to be reckoned with.

High Quality Education

The UK is one of the world’s most popular study destinations for higher education that attracts hordes of international students. The country boasts some of the best universities in the world that have earned a reputation for being the centres of excellence for world-class research.


A student who studies in any of the UK universities for higher education degrees, qualifies for a highly rewarding job in top corporate houses worldwide. The higher education in UK is recognised by employers and academics all over the world. At EduCav, we pride ourselves on being the leading students placement centre.

While studying in the UK, students get the opportunity to learn new skills, gain new knowledge, and improve critical thinking and analytical ability. Here, students are able to meet people from all over the world and learn to hone interpersonal skills and build connections to drive forward their careers.


Students looking for high quality post graduation courses can find plenty such study opportunities in a majority of UK universities. We can connect you with some educational centres of excellence that offer sponsorship for students to extend Tier 4 visas.


Study in the UK is a great way to explore a new culture, expand your knowledge and experience a great student lifestyle. You can be part of the diverse social life in the UK, because there is something for everyone here.


EduCare is your go-to-source

Get all the latest information about higher studies in the UK along with the latest university news that concern international students. EduCav are your go-to source for helpful content and exclusive research about international students in the UK.


hassle free experience with Educare

One thing that puts UK courses apart from courses in other countries is their short duration, which helps reduce your overall tuition fees and cost of living. Apart from this, when you get in touch with EduCav, our highly competent staff can help you at every level and make your experience hassle free and comfortable in the UK.