Studying in Cairo

Egypt’s capital offers international students plenty of opportunities to study in Cairo. The largest city in the Middle-East is home to several well-respected universities. Besides, low cost of living is another reason to choose Cairo as a study destination in Egypt. There are some post-graduate study options for overseas students. Studying in Cairo affords you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fusion of the Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern cultures.
Cairo universities are committed to delivering excellence. Universities here offer a high standard of education. Students can benefit from research opportunities here. There is an American university in Cairo that is committed to research and innovation. Students can take admission in two PhD programs, 44 master’s degree courses or 36 undergraduate courses. Studying in Cairo in the American university is an opportunity to find solutions to challenges that the region is faced with. Students can benefit largely from community-based education in English. Interested students can study Arabic in the American university in Cairo.
The German University in Cairo is another reputed institution that attracts hordes of students to its array of facilities and certified international study programs. Some of the leading competencies here include behavior management, time management, leadership, project management, and communication skills.
Cairo University is one of the leading educational facilities in the city that enjoys a place of prominence in the Arab region. It enjoys a reputation of being a top-ranked institution for pharmacy and pharmacology.

Living in Cairo

Foreign students are also attracted to the beauty of the Nile, the Mediterranean and Red Seas. On top of it, Cairo boasts a vibrant culture and enchanting nightlife that appeal to international students. It is an experience to travel back in time. Cairo is a desert dream!

Most visitors to Cairo find the city overwhelming, with a plethora of beautiful sights. Lodging and accommodation in Cairo is easy to access.

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