Why Prepare

Preparation builds confidence, improves the likelihood of success, reduces surprises and enables you to handle curveballs AND MOST OF ALL Preparation gives you the


Approximately 75% of the interview is based upon your appearance and how well you present yourself.

DRESS & Neatly and Conservatively :

Do not wear heavy perfume/aftershave lotion or much jewelry.

Jewelry should be limited to a single necklace or chain, a ring and small button type earrings for women.


Conservative rules the day

You want to wear something that makes the interviewer think “professional” and “competent”.

You also want to wear something that avoids directing the focus away from you and onto your clothes.

Grooming Counts

An expensive suit will not compensate for dirty fingernails, messy hair, and wrinkled clothes

Good grooming indicates attention to detail and respect for others