With the potential of every individual to succeed in the forefront of our minds, EduCav strives to bring the education of a lifetime to the hands of students from all around the globe. From Egypt to Europe to the USA, EduCav education consulting prides itself in holding the status of best and most effective recruitment agency for international students. Given that there were 107,200 overseas students (Other EU and Non EU) in London in 2015, London remains a prime destination of choice for most international students. Thus our headquarters in London is situated directly in the hub of students choosing to study abroad, and so we have ample experience from members of all other parts of the world and are perfectly suited to assist nearly everyone’s individual circumstance when it comes to international student placement.
Choosing to study overseas is a monumental decision that requires in depth planning and organization. EduCav has programs designed to assist those being recruited to study in the UK. One of the methods we employ is that of placements in part-time jobs, internships, summer jobs, and graduate job positions aimed at immersing students in their career of choice. How does one determine what is right for them? EduCav has the resources and counselling available to aid in the process of procuring paid placement for international students looking to study in the UK or elsewhere. We ensure that all placements are legitimate, relevant, and with only the best institutions.
With services ranging from CV writing to career placement and even help getting settled in your new location, EduCav has the tools and programs necessary to launch your new academic career and send you off towards accomplishing your dreams overseas.